Foreign students

You can become a member and start working via student service if:

-you have a student status in Slovenia,

-if you are a foreign citizen and you study in Slovenia

-if you’re taking an internship or study as a part of international exchange programs in Slovenia.

-if you are a foreign students enrolled in educational institutions abroad. (For all third-country citizens you need a proof of permanent residence in Slovenia.)

You can work until:

– you complete high school or college*.

– you complete age of 26, in case you are enrolled in an adult learner programme.

*When you complete a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree under the Bologna system, you have the status until the end of the academic year in which you have completed your studies.

You can enroll by completing a form on our website or by visiting one of our offices. You will need:

– ID (passport,ID Card)

– bank account number (open in Slovenia or in EU banks)

– Slovenian tax number

– Slovenian EMŠO number (Uniform citizen identification number)


1. become a member of a student service

2. browse between available jobs and find a job

3. when you come to an agreement with the company order a referral ( before you actually start working )

Payments from us can be transfered to Slovenian or EU accounts, such as Revolut or N26 bank.

Referral is the legal foundation for working through the student service, so you have to order and pick it up before starting to work. If you don’t order it in time you can get a fine in case of a work inspection.

You can order it:

on our website

on our online platform Klikservis

via e-mail or phone call

– in our office

Yes, you can work at different companies at the same time, therefore you can have multiple referrals at the same time.

When you get paid for your work, some money is taken out for taxes. Here’s what gets deducted from your pay:

– a 15,5% tax for the pension and disability insurance contribution (PIZ), applicable to both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Slovenia.

– a 22.5% payment of income tax, which is applicable to non-residents from countries that lack an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation.

 If the Republic of Slovenia has ratified an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with your country, you are eligible for reimbursement of the advance payment.

 To get the payment of the income tax back, you’ll need:

  • KIDO 12 form (available on our website or at our offices)
  • Certificate of study.
  • Proof of residence from your country of origin (you get it at the tax office in your home country) .

You have to send these three documents to our office and we will send them to the tax office of the Republic of Slovenia, which will review the application and decide if you get the refund of the advance payment of income tax (up to the amount of special personal relief applicable for that year, 3500€ ).

The tax office may ask for more evidence to confirm your eligibility for the refund. If they approve your request, they’ll send the refunded amount to your bank account.

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